> Exhibition : Energy Mine

Energy is a necessary component of all human activity. To boost efficiency, humans first attempted to use fire, then manufactured machinery and tools, harnessing the power of natural elements such as water, wind and sunlight. We then sought to understand and control steam and electricity, before moving on to splitting the atom. Without energy, nothing can happen; there is no movement, action or even life.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, energy gradually revolutionised our everyday lives, improving transportation, industry, heating, communication and even housework, mostly thanks to electricity. All sorts of inventions saw the light of day, ushering in revolutions in science, industry and economics and powering societal development.

Energy Mine will lead you down a path of discovery, offering insights into energy for a broader understanding of it. Today, we all have a vested interest in energy issues given their importance in many spheres: science, the environment, politics, economics, etc. Energy is central to our lives, and the subject of discussions and debate in society, even playing a crucial role in our planet’s future.

This exhibition looks back at the basic notions of energy so that everyone can make an informed opinion as to these questions.