> Exhibition : Unusual treasures, objects and mining archives

Often meticulous, precise works, scientific and technical objects remain quite mysterious for the public, who sometimes find it difficult to understand their interpretation, operation or use. Yet in the field of mining, there are lots of devices, tools and machines that have led to major technological advances.

Above all technical but sometimes subject to a voluntary search for aesthetics to enhance their preciousness, the documents and tools the Mining History Centre keeps are frequently seen as unusual. However, they reflect all the expertise and ingenuity required for the development of mining and related services, and in fact turn out to be true scientific treasures.

The Unusual Treasures exhibition presents a selection of these technical jewels, used in various trades, to make us want to look at them more closely, understand what they were used for and discover all their features. Indeed, like fine art museums, science and technology collections also contain invaluable treasures.

November 20 2021 to April 30 2022