Since 2004, four European mining museums - Deutsches Bergbau-Museum de Bochum(DBM), National Coal Mining Museum for England(NCMME), Bois du Cazier en Belgique (BDC) and Centre Historique Minier have met and visited each other's sites regularly, and have organised transnational events together. In 2011, an Italian institution joined the group: Centro Italiano della Cultura del Carbone (CICC in Sardinia)

In May 2012, the five museums and the city of Zabrze organised an international symposium on the theme “Building a European network of coal mines”. As a result of this, a sixth partner, the Guido Coal Mine Museum in Zabrze, joined the network and the partnership was cemented officially through the signature of a network charter. The charter covers four areas of cooperation: exchanges in the fields of scientific research, cultural events, best practice and lastly the creation of tourist attractions, marketing and communication.

  • Le National Coal Mining Museum for England (Royaume-Uni)