On the eve of its fortieth anniversary of public opening in 2024, the Historical Mining Center reaches record attendance by surpassing 180,000 visitors in 2023, which places it among the five most visited museums in the Hauts-de-France region !

In 2023, 180,229 of you (re)discovered the site, the coal mining galleries, the major thematic exhibitions, temporary exhibitions such as The mine makes its cinema or Miners of Ukraine, photographs by Youry Bilak, the cultural events, seminar spaces and even the restaurant Le Briquet.

This attendance record is a symbolic milestone for the eighty employees of the Historical Mining Center: preparing for a year of celebration, it is an opportunity to retrace this journey, to continue to pay tribute to these men and women who have worked in the mines in France and who still work there everywhere else in the world, but also to realize the constant enthusiasm of the local, national and foreign public for this place steeped in history. While coal production in the region stopped in the early 1990s, public interest in the Historical Mining Center has never waned since its opening in 1984 until the record we know today.

The entire team at the Historical Mining Center thanks you and looks forward to celebrating the anniversary of this exceptional site with you in 2024!